New Hampshire Facts

New Hampshire Facts

New Hampshire is one of the 50 states that make the American Union (The United States of America).

More Facts about New Hampshire:

  • State Flag: Adopted in 1909

  • State Motto: "Live Free or Die"

  • State Capital: Concord

  • State Abbreviation: NH

  • State Name of Residents: New Hampshirites

  • Date State Entered the Union: June 21, 1788. It became the 9th state.

  • State Size: 9,351 square miles - the 46th biggest state.

  • State Song: Old New Hampshire

  • State Nick Name: Granite State

  • State Tree: White birch

  • State Flower: Purple lilac

  • State Wild Flower: Pink ladyslipper

  • State Fruit: Pumpkin

  • State Animal: White-tailed deer

  • State Bird: Purple finch

  • State Fresh Water Game Fish: Brook trout

  • State Saltwater Game Fish: Striped bass

  • State Amphibian: Red-spotted newt

  • State Insect: Ladybug (ladybird beetle)

  • State Buttlerfly: Karner blue butterfly (Lycaeides melissa samuelis)

  • State Gem: Smoky quartz (also called cairngorm)

  • State Rock: Granite

  • State Mineral: Beryl

  • State Soil: Marlow (unofficial)

  • State Sport: Skiing

  • State Major Rivers: Androscoggin River, Connecticut River, Merrimack River

  • State Major Lake: Lake Winnipesaukee

  • State Highest Point: Mt. Washington - 6,288 feet (1,917 m) above sea level

  • Bordering States: Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont

  • State Bordering Country: Canada

  • State Bordering Body of Water: Atlantic Ocean

  • State Name Origin: New Hampshire was named for Hampshire, England, by Captain John Mason.

  • State Largest City: Manchester

  • State Other Largest Cities:
    Manchester, Nashua, East Concord, Concord, Derry Village, Rochester, Dover, Merrimack, Hudson

  • State Number of Counties: 10

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