USA States and Capitals

Map of 50 States

USA States and Capitals

These are the 50 United States and their capitals:
1. Alabama, Montgomery
2. Alaska, Juneau
3. Arizona, Phoenix
4. Arkansas, Little Rock
5. California, Sacramento
6. Colorado, Denver
7. Connecticut, Hartford
8. Delaware, Dover
9. Florida, Tallahassee
10. Georgia, Atlanta
11. Hawaii, Honolulu
12. Idaho, Boise
13. Illinois, Springfield
14. Indiana, Indianapolis
15. Iowa, Des Moines
16. Kansas, Topeka
17. Kentucky, Frankfort
18. Louisiana, Baton Rouge
19. Maine, Augusta
20. Maryland, Annapolis
21. Massachusetts, Boston
22. Michigan, Lansing
23. Minnesota, St. Paul
24. Mississippi, Jackson
25. Missouri, Jefferson City
26. Montana, Helena
27. Nebraska, Lincoln
28. Nevada, Carson City
29. New Hampshire, Concord
30. New Jersey, Trenton
31. New Mexico, Santa Fe
32. New York, Albany
33. North Carolina, Raleigh
34. North Dakota, Bismark
35. Ohio, Columbus
36. Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
37. Oregon, Salem
38. Pennsylvania, Harrisburg
39. Rhode Island, Providence
40. South Carolina, Columbia
41. South Dakota, Pierre
42. Tennessee, Nashville
43. Texas, Austin
44. Utah, Salt Lake City
45. Vermont, Montpelier
46. Virginia, Richmond
47. Washington, Olympia
48. West Virginia, Charleston
49. Wisconsin, Madison
50. Wyoming, Cheyenne.

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Medford, Oregon, United States

Central Point, Oregon, United States

Grants Pass, Oregon, United States

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, United States