About Me

My name is Hector born in Honduras and emigrated to the United States when I was 19 years old. I came to the United States because I wanted to get a good education and my goal was to get a degree of some kind. I wanted to go to school because my father's side of the family valued education and some of the adults where professionals and most of the kids where going to school except me. I was not going to school because my parents divorced when I was a year old and my mother had to raise my sister and I on her own.

The required education in Honduras at that time was 6th grade and if you wanted to continue, you had to pay tuition fees which was hard for my mother.

After I got my 6th grade education (12 years old) I started working to help my mother and 2 years later, I registered in school because someone promised me my tuition was going to be paid for. Six months later I got kicked out because the tuition was never paid. Few months later that someone promised me again my tuition was going to be paid the following year. I refused to go back to school and promised I was going to get my education the day I supported myself.

I worked as hard as I could and finally I left the country. The first thing I did when I arrived to the US was to learn the language and registered at a local college. I went to school part time for computer programming while I worked full time at a Mental Health and Rehab Center.

Years later, I decided to change my major and finally at the age of 33 I got a Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree. It was a long battle because the language was a big barrier (still is) and I did not have a junior high or high school education. From 6th grade I jumped to college and did not take a single English lesson.

During my journey to accomplish this goal, I had to fight against those who told me I was never going to make it. Others told me I should be "working 2 jobs" instead of going to school because I was "wasting" my time. Even some teachers gave me a hard time by asking me for my High School diploma but all I could show them was my 4.0 GPA I earned during my first 2 years of college. I guess that was enough because they stopped bothering me.

A New Challenge

Some years back when I started surfing the Internet I kept seeing business opportunities all over the place. They looked so darn good that I started working with a few of them but it was not an easy task as they make you believe because there is a lot involved. To begin with, you have to know what you are doing or else you will fail over and over like I did.

After failing many times, I decided to have my own website because I wanted to have control of my products. When I first started I didn’t have a clue about what I was doing and of course my first website was a failure.

I created the first website using a free website builder but it did not look too good because the template was poorly designed and because it was free, it displayed ads that where not mine.

I created a few more websites using different website builders but had the same results. I was spending money on advertising and on tools I needed but the results where poor.

I decided I was going to build my own website from scratch but before I started, I had to learn some html. After a while, I had a good looking website but what a pain it was because when I added a new page, I had to go through every single page to add the link for my new page. That was not the biggest problem though. My biggest problem was sending traffic to my website. I did all types of advertising (free and paid) including posting to classifieds, safe lists, ezines, Google AdWords, email, and you name it. I tried it all. I got traffic but the quality was mediocre because I was not making any sales. Obviously, I was doing everything wrong!

I was striking out in everything I did!

A few years ago, I ran into a website builder named Solo Build It. I read a lot about it for 2 weeks and it seemed it was a good system but the price was a little expensive for me. It was $297 per year and I was hesitant to make the purchase. While I was looking at it, another attractive business opportunity showed up and decided to join. I worked with that company and was getting good results but after 4 months the company folded. I was back again looking for a way to start all over.

I joined another program and one day, about 6 months later, I ran into Solo Build It which by the way, I had forgotten about it. I read about half of the page and jumped to the order page and started studying the Action Guide. It took me about 3 weeks to go through all the instructions because I followed it to the letter. After that, I found myself creating page after page because what makes the system work is to keep adding content.

I remember checking my traffic stats and the first month I received 33 unique visitors and a total of 144 visits with 707 pages viewed. I was surprised because I was not doing any advertising and I was getting some traffic. This got me all pumped up and motivated me to keep adding more content. The second month, I got 199 unique visitors, the third 436, the forth, 797, 1044, 3119, and so on. The traffic just kept growing and growing. It was like MAGIC!

Eight months later, I created MipuebloNatal.com which is this website you are visiting right now. This site was born on May 6th 2009 and this month (April 2011) is going to receive 30,000+ unique visitors.

I have not worked on my other website since I created this one (I have created a page here and there) but I have not touched it in about 6 months. That website manages to bring 8 to 10 thousand visitors every month and it is just sitting there.

As you probably know by now that the more people that comes to my websites, the more money I make. Sometimes I even forget that I’m making money because I’m having too much fun adding content and learning all kinds of new things. Just by having Google AdSense ads, I make money automatically! that's the beauty of having a website that attracts visitors like a magnet.

After I joined Solo Build It, I realized the reasons why I was failing on my other business ventures. Lack of education and not investing the money on something that works was another problem. Using free or cheap website builders got me no results.

Building a website and make it fully functional requires a lot of know how and what saved me was that Solo Build It had everything I needed. It had the education, the resources, and all the tools; all in one place.

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