World Cup Brazil 2014

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World Cup Brazil 2014

The world cup 2014 is going to be hosted by Brazil and while the memories of the world cup 2010 are still fresh in our memories, we have created these pages so we can start talking about this world cup fever which is one of the most exciting sports on earth.

Our plan is to follow the unfolding events closely of the world cup 2014 so we can bring you even more information than what we brought you from South Africa 2010.

Which countries are going to be present in the worldcup 2014?
We already know the host country is going to be present because it qualified automatically.
1. Brazil

We also know that the other world powers are going to be there because it seems they are always there. They are: Argentina, Germany, and Italy.

Who is going to be the next world champion?
Brazil is going to play on its own home turf. Because of this, they have a greater advantage but we are going to wait and see.

Which stadiums are the games going to be played at? For the moment, we are going to have to wait and see.

We have to start planning to see if we can make it to Brazil in 4 years and see if we can witness some of the events. It would be great to share some of the images and our own experiences with you.

I wish you good luck so your country qualifies to the next world cup.

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If you are a soccer fan and would you to share all your emotions and your experiences of this world cup, you can do it by leaving your comments below.

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