FIFA World Cup 2014

FIFA world cup 2014 Stadiums

Below is the list of the 2014 world cup stadiums

Maracana Stadium

Stadium: Maracanã

City: Rio de Janeiro

Capacity: 78,838 Seats

Group F – F1 v F2
Group B – B1 v B3
Group H – H1 v H3
Group E – E2 v E3
Round of 16 – 1C v 2D
Quarter-final – W53 v W54
Final – W61 v W62

Arena de Itaquera Stadium

Stadium: Arena de Itaquera

City: São Paulo

Capacity: 65,000 Seats

Group A – Brazil v A2 (opening match)
Group D – D1 v D3
Group B – B2 v B3
Group H – H1 v H4
Round of 16 – 1F v 2E
Semi-final – W59 v W60

Novo Mineirao

Name: Mineirão

City: Belo Horizonte

Capacity: 64,000 Seats

Group C – C1 v C2
Group H – H1 v H2
Group F – F1 v F3
Group D – D2 v D3
Round of 16 – 1A v 2B
Semi-final – W57 v W58

Estadio Nacional de Brasilia

Stadium: Estádio Nacional de Brasilia

City: Brasilia

Capacity: 71,412 Seats

Group E – E1 v E2
Group C – C1 v C3
Group A – Brazil v A4
Group G – G2 v G3
Round of 16 – 1E v 2F
Quarter-final – W55 v W56
Third place – L61 v L62

Arena Castelao

Stadium: Arena Castelão

City: Fortaleza

Capacity: 63,903 Seats

Group D – D1 v D2
Group A – Brazil v A3
Group G – G1 v G3
Group C – C2 v C3
Round of 16 – 1B v 2A
Quarter-final – W49 v W50

Arena Fonte Nova

Stadium: Arena Fonte Nova

City: Salvador

Capacity: 53,700 Seats

Group B – B1 v B2
Group G – G1 v G2
Group E – E1 v E3
Group F – F2 v F3
Round of 16 – 1H v 2G
Quarter-final – W51 v W52

Estadio Jose Pinheiro Borda

Stadium: José Pinheiro Borda

City: Porto Alegre

Capacity: 52,000 Seats

Group E – E3 v E4
Group B – B2 v B4
Group H – H2 v H4
Group F – F1 v F4
Round of 16 – 1G v 2H

Arena Pernambuco

Stadium: Itaipava Arena Pernambuco

City: Recife

Capacity: 46,000 Seats

Group C – C3 v C4
Group D – D2 v D4
Group A – A2 v A3
Group G – G1 v G4
Round of 16 – 1F v 2E

Arena Amazonia

Stadium: Arena de Amazônia

City: Manaus

Capacity: 44,000 Seats

Group D – D3 v D4
Group A – A2 v A4
Group G – G2 v G4
Group E – E1 v E4

Arena Pantanal Stadium

Stadium: Arena Pantanal

City: Cuiabá

Capacity: 43,000 Seats

Group B – B3 v B4
Group H – H3 v H4
Group F – F2 v F4
Group C – C1 v C4

Dunes Arena

Stadium: Arenas Das Dunas

City: Natal

Capacity: 43,000 Seats

Group B – B3 v B4
Group H – H3 v H4
Group F – F2 v F4
Group C – C1 v C4

Baixada Arena

Stadium: Arena da Baixada

City: Curitiba

Capacity: 41,000 Seats

Group F – F3 v F4
Group E – E2 v E4
Group B – B1 v B4
Group H – H2 v H3

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