Lahaina Maui Hawaii | Lahaina Travel

Lahaina Maui Hawaii | Lahaina Travel

One of the most common places people visit while they are in Maui is Lahaina. The town itself looks like one of those tropical towns located in the Caribean because of its plants and trees. The place where people hang out the most is on the main street and it seems it never sleeps. This is because there are lots of small shops and lots of great restaurants. There are also vendors all over the place showing you all the tourist attractions located within the city and near by. Some of these are trips to Molokini island where you can do some snorkeling, helicopter rides, sailing, luaus, and more.

Besides walking on the main street, you can walk on the side streets and visit with the locals. You will find that they are very friendly and will give you a feel of what is like to be part of their great community.

You have to stop at Lahaina's park so you can admire the giant Banyan tree and enjoy its cool shade. Its huge branches spread in all directions that need to be anchored to prevent them from laying on the ground. The branches are so thick that they seem like they are separate trees.

Lahaina Maui Hawaii
Lahaina Maui Hawaii

Some of Lahaina Restaurants

Aloha Mixed Plate 1285 Front St, Lahaina 808-661-3322
BJ's Chicago Pizzeria730 Front St, Lahaina 808-661-0700
Blue Lagoon Tropical Bar & Grill 658 Front St, Lahaina 808-661-8141
Cheeseburger in Paradise 811 Front St, Lahaina 808-661-4855
Chez Paul 820 Olowalu Village Rd, Olowalu 808-661-3843
Cilantro Mexican Grill 170 Papalua St, Old Lahaina Ctr, Lahaina 808-667-5444
Feast at Lele, The F 505 Front St, Lahaina 808-667-5353
Fu Lin Chinese Seafood 1312 Front St, Lahaina 808-661-7071
Gerard's 174 Lahainaluna Rd, Lahaina 808-661-8939
Hecocks Italian Restaurant 505 Front St, Lahaina 808-661-8810
i'O Restaurant i 505 Front St, Lahaina 808-661-8422
Kimo's 845 Front St, Lahaina 808-661-4811
Kobe Japanese Steak House 136 Dickenson St, Lahaina 808-667-5555
Lahaina Fish Company L 831 Front St, Lahaina 808-661-3472
Lahaina Grill 127 Lahainaluna Rd, Lahaina 808-667-5117
Lahaina Sushi Ya 177 Prison St, Lahaina 808-661-5679
Longhi's 888 Front St, Lahaina 808-667-2288
Mala, An Ocean Tavern 1307 Front St, Lahaina 808-667-9394
Old Lahaina Luau O 1251 Front St, Lahaina 808-667-1998
Pacific'O P 505 Front St, Lahaina 808-667-4341
Penne Pasta Cafe 180 Dickenson St, Lahaina 808-661-6633
Pioneer Inn Bar and Grill 658 Wharf St, Lahaina 808-661-3636
Royal Seafood Chinese Restaurant 888 Wainee St, Lahaina 808-661-9955
Smokehouse BBQ 1307 Front St, Lahaina 808-667-7005
Tiki Terrace Restaurant Bar & Grill 2525 Kaanapali Pkwy, Kaanapali Hotel, Lahaina 808-661-0011

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