Facts About Ethiopia

Facts About Ethiopia

  • Location: Ethiopia is located in Eastern Africa, west of Somalia

  • Languages: Languages spoken in Ethiopia include Amarigna (Amharic) (official) 32.7%, Oromigna (official regional) 31.6%, Tigrigna (official regional) 6.1%, Somaligna 6%, Guaragigna 3.5%, Sidamigna 3.5%, Hadiyigna 1.7%, other 14.8%, English (official) (major foreign language taught in schools), Arabic (official) (1994 census)

  • Currency: The currency of Ethiopia is called Birr (ETB)

  • Population: The population of Ethiopia is 93,815,992 (July 2012 est.)

  • Land Size: Ethiopia has an area of 1,104,300 square kilometers of which 1 million square kilometers is land and 104,300 square kilometers is water.

  • Capital: The capital of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa

  • Borders: Ethiopia has borders with Djibouti 349 km, Eritrea 912 km, Kenya 861 km, Somalia 1,600 km, South Sudan 837 km, Sudan 769 km.

  • Bordering Body of Water: None

  • Industries: Ethiopia's major industries include food processing, beverages, textiles, leather, chemicals, metals processing, cement

  • Agriculture: The agriculture in Ethiopia include cereals, pulses, coffee, oilseed, cotton, sugarcane, potatoes, qat, cut flowers; hides, cattle, sheep, goats; fish

  • Land divisions: Ethiopia has 9 ethnically based states and 2 self-governing administrations*; Adis Abeba* (Addis Ababa), Afar, Amara (Amhara), Binshangul Gumuz, Dire Dawa*, Gambela Hizboch (Gambela Peoples), Hareri Hizb (Harari People), Oromiya (Oromia), Sumale (Somali), Tigray, Ye Debub Biheroch Bihereseboch na Hizboch (Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples)

  • Major Cities:
    Addis Ababa (Ādīs Ābeba), Dirē Dawa (Dire Dawa Region), Mek’elē (Tigray Regional State), Nazrēt (Oromia Regional State), Bahir Dar (Amhara Regional State), Gonder (Amhara Regional State), Desē (Amhara Regional State), Āwasa (SSNPR), Jīma (Oromia Regional State), Debre Zeyit (Oromia Regional State)

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