Date of World Cup Final 2010

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Date of World Cup Final 2010

The final world cup game is going to be played July 11th at Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg South Africa. The question is, Who is going to win the world cup this year? 3 of the world powers of soccer are in the second round; Brazil, Argentina, and Germany.

The forth world soccer power is Italy and it got eliminated in the first round. Italy finished in last place with only 2 points! Not sure what happened to the team but their participation in this world cup was dismal.

One thing for sure is that the chances of having one of the three teams mentioned above is going to be in the final game.

Brazil has won 5 world cup tittles
Germany has won 3
Argentina has won 2

07/11/2010 - Update
The final game was between Spain and Holland and the scores where: Spain 1 Holland 0. Spain is the world cup 2010 champion and this is their first world cup championship win.

If you are a soccer fan, we would you to share all your emotions and your experiences of this world cup by leaving your comments below.

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