The City of Astoria, Oregon

Downtown Astoria
Downtown Astoria

The City of Astoria, Oregon

Astoria is a beautiful city located in the state of Oregon on the hills near the Columbia River just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. Astoria is rich in History dating back to the early 1800s and it has museums showcasing its important maritime and native history. Flavel House Museum
Flavel House Museum
I for one wanted to visit this beautiful place ever since "Kindergarden Cop" and "The Goonies" where filmed back in the 80s.

The river, the hills, and the ocean where so attractive on those films that I wanted to visit this place ever since. Finally, I decided to pack a few things and headed to Astoria via highway 101 starting on Brookings. The trip is about 365 miles long but the scenery along the way is breath taking!

Astoria had been in my mind all these years and now I got to experience a unique atmosphere in real life rather than imagining it every time I watch those films. Astoria ColumnThere are a lot of things to do in Astoria and if you are planning to visit, make sure you stay more than a couple of days so you can explore what it has to offer.

Things to do in Astoria are visiting the historic museums but the most recommended by the locals is the "Columbia River Maritime Museum." "Make sure you visit this museum because it is a world class." - Said one of the residents.

Another place to visit is the Astoria Column." It seems everyone talks about it because everywhere we went people recommended it.

City of Astoria
View from the best western Hotel as you enter Astoria - Roundabout right after the bridge.


The famous Astoria bridge.

Astoria Building

Astoria City

Astoria Downtown

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Astoria Images

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Astoria OR

Astoria Oregon

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Astoria Street

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