La Ceiba to Roatan

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La Ceiba to Roatan

ferry to roatan

There are two ways of getting to Roatan from La Ceiba; by plane or by ferry. It takes about 15 minutes by plane and about one hour by ferry.

Safe Way Maritime provides ferry service between Roatan and La Ceiba. The ferry is named the Galaxy Wave and it is a 152 foot catamaran yacht, offering safety, convenience, and luxury; it has a capacity to carry up to 460 passengers. The ferry cas to cabins. The lower cabin has two hundred and fifty seats and it is air conditioned while the upper cabin has 150 seats. It also has 60 seats for first class travel. Before boarding, all passengers must go through security screening to make the trip safer.(1)

Departure Schedule From Roatan
Departs from Roatan at 7:00 am and Arrives to La Ceiba at 8:15 am
Departs from Roatan at 2:00 pm and arrives at La Ceiba at 3:15 pm

Departure Schedule From La Ceiba
Departs from La Ceiba at 9:30 am and arrives to Roatan at 10:45 am
Departs from La Ceiba at 4:30 pm and arrives to Roatan at 5:15 pm

Fares as of June 1st 2010

Regular one way = $27.72
Regular round trip = $54.18
First class one way = $33.02
First class round trip = $64.76

Children between 5 and 10 years old
Regular one way = $15.03
Regular round trip = $28.78
First class one way = $17.14
First class round trip is = $33.02

Seniors 60 Years or older
Regular one way = $21.38
Regular round trip = $41.48
First class one way = $25.34
First class round trip = $49.42

Children below 5 years old

ferry from la ceiba to roatan
Safe Way Maritime facilities

travel to roatan
Waiting to board, back of Safe Way Maritime facilities

ferry a roatan
Inside lower cabin of Galaxy Wave

roatan ferry
Ready to take a one hour nap

getting to roatan
Looking for the best seat in the house

roatan flight
Almost ready for take off

roatan yacht club
Views from the Galaxy Wave en route to Roatan

roatan vacations

bay islands roatan

galaxy wave ferry

ferry from la ceiba to roatan
That's a nice picture!

la ceiba to roatan

island of roatan

punta gorda activities


ferry from roatan

ferry from la ceiba


ferries from to
Arriving to Roatan

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