California State Animal

California State Animal

The official state animal of California is the Grisly Bear (Ursus californicus), designated in 1953.

The Grisly bears lived in the "great valleys and low mountains" of California but it was exterminated due to the countless livestock attacks and interference with settlements. "Less than 75 years after the discovery of gold, every grizzly bear in California had been tracked down and killed."

Grisly bear Description:

Humped shoulders
Long snout
Long curved claws
a grayish, silvery back
Can weigh from 350 to 800 pounds
Can reach a shoulder height of 4.5 feet when on all fours
can reach up to 1,400 pounds
Can reach up to 8 feet when standing on its hind legs
Can run up to 35 mph in short bursts

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