Pictures of Maui

The above pictures of Maui where taken in March of last year (2008).

Visit Maui because no matter where you go, you will have the opportunity to discover quaint towns, lush forests, and picturesque and white sandy beaches.

Key places to visit in Maui
1. Lahaina - the second most famous town in Hawaii. Honolulu being the first. It is close to the resort areas of Kaanapali and Honokowai. For this reason, it can get a little too crowded in the afternoon.

2. Hana - The road to Hana is famous and it should be included in your to do list when visiting Maui. It is "world famous for the natural beauty of its unblemished landscapes and towering waterfalls." Hana is referred as "The land that time forgot" which you will discover why during your trip there.

Road to Hana driving tips
Carry a bug spray, stay on paths, rent a convertible car, bring your camera with plenty of film and extra batteries, wear hiking shoes, do not leave valuables in the car, stay the night, drive slow and avoid distractions, research a Road to Hana map and pick your stops before hand, don't trespass, get banana bread, leave early, get back before it gets dark, take a van or couch tour, bring rain slicks or at least a towel, don't swim at the top of a waterfall, check the weather service, check for road closures, bring good music, don't plan any other activities for the same day, don't try and pack everything into one day,

3. Molokini island if you like snorkeling.

Things to do
Swimming and snorkeling, sailing, attend a luau, helicopter ride, site seeing, biking, hiking, shopping, diving, whale watching, and more.

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