Peyton Bridge Trail

Peyton Bridge trail

This group picture did not come out great but I had to post it here because it was the very first one we took right before we started hiking Peyton Bridge Trail.

Peyton Bridge Trail

A handful of us hiked the Payton Bridge Trail today (02/21/15) located at Lost Creek Lake. The trail begins at Lewis road located just past the big bridge going towards Prospect. The turn off is to the left and the small parking area is only a few hundred feet away.

This trail is also known as the Mouth of South Fork Trail and it is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. This trail is rated moderate and it is about 11.6 miles both ways.

Rogue River Trail

Not sure why it is labeled Rogue River Trail instead of Peyton Bridge Trail.

Starting our journey

Starting our journey on this bright and shiny day.

Lewis Road

Lewis road on the left and the main highway in front of us.

A new adventure awaits

A new adventure awaits...

Nice wooded area
Cheryl waving happily

That's Cheryl waving happily at the camera...or maybe waving at me.

Bright smiles from everyone

Brights smiles from everyone. I am not sure if I was smiling too because I was already exhausted. Amy R., Amy W. with her husband Bill, and their dog.

Down the trail
Small wooden bridge in-the woods
Nature at its best
Natural and prescious gift

A beautiful bench

Wait for me! I need to sit down for a minute on this beautiful bench!

Sights from the trail

Return from Peyton Bridge trail to Jackson County Oregon

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