Japan Beaches

Japan Beaches

I read somewhere that Japan has over 1000 beaches! Trying to decide which one to visit can be a tedious work because there are so many and if you are one of those who likes to bathe in the sun, you will probably have a tough time deciding where to go.

While doing a search, I found a list of the 15 best beaches of Japan and they are located in the region of Kansai and these are from a list of 100 best beaches released by the Environment Ministry according to the website owner.

Best beaches in Japan:

  • Takenohama
  • Ura Prefectural Sun Beach
  • Ohama (Awaji Island in Hyogo Pref.)
  • Keino-Matsubara (Awaji Island) in Hyogo Pref.)
  • Nachi
  • Hashiku
  • Shirarahama
  • Kataonami (in Wakayama Pref.)
  • Namihaya (in Wakayama Pref.)
  • Makino Sunny Beach (in Shiga Pref.)
  • Goza-Shirahama (in Mie Pref.)
  • Atashika (in Mie Pref.)
  • Wakasa-Wada (in Fukui Pref.)
  • Tainohama (in Tokushima Pref.)
  • Osuna (in Tokushima Pref.)

    After you visit some of these beaches (if you do) then come back to this page and tell us which one is the best beach in Japan.


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