HP reviews - Their Billing System Sucks

HP reviews - I recently purchased a lap top from HP and used my HP credit line. While I am very happy with their product, the billing system sucks.

One of the reasons why I am unhappy with them is because I made one of my payments through Bill Pay 6 days before the due date and the payment was posted 12 days later. When I called them and asked them why I was being charged a $39 late fee, they said they charged me that amount because my payment was posted late. After a short discussion they agreed to wave the $39 but since I was making another payment that day (6 days before the due date), I was going to be "late" again.

The next month, the payment was also posted late with a another $39 fee. After talking with their manager, he said that he was going to wave half of the money because I was late before.

Why should people get charged a hefty amount for paying their bills on time? I have dealt with many credit card companies and none of them have given me any problems like HP. In fact, around that time I discovered that one of my payments on one of my major credit cards was due the next day. I called them and they told me to make a payment electronically and that I was going to be fine. I made the payment, and no late fee was charged.

Do yo see the difference? HP would not work with me to avoid the hefty fee while the credit card company did!

I was angry and told HP that I was going to pay the remainder of my balance in full and that I was never going to purchase from them. Their manager did not seem to care.

With the poor economy, millions of people are struggling and to get ripped off by companies like HP is not OK.

I will never purchase from HP again. Ever! Think twice before you do.

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