Honduran Currency

Honduran Currency

Honduras Intibuca La Esperanza Intibuca

The currency of Honduras is Lempira (HLN). The Lempira is named in honor of the native leader who fought against the Spaniards. His name means "gentleman of the mountain." His picture is on the 1-lempira bill and the 50-cent coin. Ver Moneda de Honduras

Honduran bills:

1 Lempira
One Lempira, 1 Lempira

2 Lempiras
two Lempiras, 2 Lempiras

5 Lempiras
Five Lempiras, 5 Lempiras

10 Lempiras
Ten Lempiras, 10 Lempiras

20 Lempiras
Twenty Lempiras, 20 Lempiras

50 Lempiras
Fifty Lempiras, 50 Lempiras

100 Lempiras
One Hundred Lempiras, 100 Lempiras

500 Lempiras
Five Hundred Lempiras, 500 Lempiras

Honduran coins: 1 Cent (Not sure if it is still in circulation. We used to call it pilito. It is smaller than the US penny)
One cent conins  i cent coins

2 Cents (una ficha)
5 Cents (un cinquito)
10 Cents (un bufalo)
20 cents (un daime)
50 cents (un toston)
50 Centavos de  Lempira, Cincuenta Centavos de Lempira, un Toston

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Otras palabras usadas son honduras currency, honduras money, money honduras, y lempira.

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