Holidays in Samoa

Holidays in Samoa

This is a list of the holidays of Samoa:
January 1 -----> New year's day
January 2 -----> Day after New Year's Day
The Friday before Easter Sunday ------> Good Friday
First Sunday after the first full moon since the vernal equinox
------> Easter Sunday
The day after Easter Sunday ------> Easter Monday
April 25 ------> Anzac Day
First Monday in May ------> Mothers' Day
June 1 - 3 ------> Independence Day
First Monday in August -------> Labor Day
Second Sunday in October -------> White Sunday
Second Monday in October -------> Lotu a Tamaiti
First Friday in November ------> Arbor Day
December 25 -------> Christmas Day
December 26 -------> Boxing Day

Note: This list may not be complete and you are welcome to leave your comments about Samoa and the holidays. If I missed any just let me know and I will add it. You are also invited to join our growing Spanish Social Network.

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