Hebo OR

Hebo, OR

Hebo OR

Hebo is a very small town located along highway 101 on the Oregon coast just north of Newport. According to the 2010 US census, Hebo has a population of 232. Its population has not grown much because the US census reports in 2000 was at 2031. This community is unincorporated and it is defined as a census designated place (CDP) by the US census Bureau. Hebo

Just like any other place along the Oregon coast, there are a lot of things a visitor can do while passing by. All these places are filled with history and hide beautiful paradises that it wouldn’t hurt to stop by so you can discover them.

Hebo Restaurants
  • Deb Kei's Restaurant - 31145 Highway 22, Hebo, Oregon 97122
  • Dory Restaurant - 34320 Highway 101 S, Cloverdale, Oregon 97112

    Other important data about Hebo:
    Country: United States
    State: Oregon
    County: Tillamook
    Area: 1.6 square miles
    Elevation: 36 ft
    Zip Code: 97122
    Area Code: 503
    Coordinates: 45°13′49″N 123°51′48″W

    Hebo weather - The weather in Hebo while we drove by was very bad. It was rainy and the sky was very dark as you can see on the pictures. On our way to Astoria bout 6 days before, the weather was the same.

    There is not much information about Hebo Oregon on the Internet and if you leave in that beautiful place and would like to share some information with us just make sure you send it to us or post it in the comments section below. We want to provide our visitors as much information as we can so people can have an idea of things to do when passing by.




    Hebo OR

    Hebo Oregon

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