Florence Oregon

Florence Oregon
Florence, Oregon

Florence Oregon

Where is Florence?

Florence is a beautiful town on the Oregon Coast along highway 101; it is located along the beautiful shores of Siuslaw River and it is about 45 miles north of Newport. According to the 2010 U.S census Florence has a population of 8,466. It is small, attractive, unique, and it attracts thousands of visitors each year.

FlorenceOne of the most attractive places Florence offers is the old town located just as you enter the city via the long and beautiful bridge. Another attraction this city offers is the Three rivers casino located just outside the city boundaries.

Other attractions near Florence:
The Sea Lion Caves, the Heceta lighthouse, the Darlingtonia State Natural Park, the Sand Dunes frontier, the C & M Stables, and the Sand Master park. City of Florence OregonYou can also do some fishing and crabbing along the river or you can visit the nearby lakes or the ocean where you can go camping and experience nature at its best.

If you like to play golf don’t forget your gear because there a couple of great golf courses in the area.

Sandpines Golf Links
18 holes over 7,252 yards with a par of 72 (Public)
1201 35th St
Florence, OR 97439-8913
Phone: (800) 917-4653

Ocean Dunes Golf
3345 Munsel Lake Rd
Florence, OR 97439-9237
Phone: (541) 997-3232

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We met these two ladies in the docks crabbing. They where very, very nice and friendly. In fact, we got some crabbing tips from them.

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