2009 Samoa Tsunami

2009 Samoa Tsunami

It seems that Samoa has been plagued by disasters recently and the one that comes to mind is the tsunami in 2009 that killed 192 people. According to an article published August 18th, 2010 at Physorg.com, "The tsunami that hit last year was generated by three earthquakes unleashed by a seismic mechanism that has never been observed before, scientists said on Wednesday." The article goes on to say that "University of Utah seismologist Keith Koper says the main quake of magnitude 8.1 concealed and triggered two major quakes of magnitude 7.8 that occurred within two minutes of the main shock."

The death count of the Samoa tsunami would have been higher if it wasn't by the tsunami alert Samoa has in place. "The Pacific nation has well-practiced tsunami evacuation drills in place and nobody treats them as a joke or as an annoying disturbance to routine anymore." was posted in another article.

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