Sylmar california - located in the San Fernando Valley

I lived in Sylmar for 8 years and have a lot of good memories. I lived in 3 different places: Dronfield avenue, Beaver street, and Mindora street.

I lived in Dronfield avenue about 2 years and that's where I learned to drive and got my first car.

I lived in Beaver street for about a year and then moved to Pacoima which is a city next to Sylmar. I lived by Van Nuys Boulevard and Borden street for about year. I have a few memories from there and some of those are of people knocking on the window of my car trying to sell me drugs otherwise it was a nice area.

I lived in Mindora for 3 years. Mindora is a little past El Cariso park where I used to run, have picnics, and took my son to little league.

I went to Loss Angeles Mission College for 4 years before it was built where it is toda; it is right before El Cariso park. Los Angeles Mission College at that time was in San Fernando and had classrooms scattered in different buildings.

While writing this, more memories begin to pop up inside my head especially when I used to hang out in San Fernando, Van Nuys, Panorama City, Mission Hills, Sepulveda, North Hollywood, Tujunga, Burbank, and many more cities. Yes, I got to know the San Fernando valley like the palm of my hand but since it has been more that 16 years since I moved out of the area, I'm beginning to forget some of the names of streets, cities, and stores.

The 80's music brings me back to that beautiful place. Almost every song from that time takes me back to the San Fernando Valley.

I will return to this site to post some of my memories that I treasure today and will continue to treasure for long time to come if not for ever.

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