Oregon State Flag

Oregon State Flag

Oregon State Flag

Flag of Oregon

The flag of Oregon is of navy blue color with its designs of golgen color. Out of all the states, this is the only flag that has images on both sides. On the reverse side it has a picture of a beaver which is the Oregon State animal. On the front there is a picture of a heart shaped shield with an eagle on top, surronded by thirty-three stars. This was the numbers of states in 1859. Pictures inside the heart shape shield include the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean, mountains, forests, 2 ships (one leaving and the other arriving represent trade) and a covered wagon. A plow, wheat and pickax represent farming and mining. The eagle represents the United States. On a banner are the words "The Union" representing support for the United States. The words "State of Oregon" are above the picture and the date of statehood "1859" below it.

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