The Spanish National Soccer Reaches New Heights

The Spanish national soccer has now reached new heights now that it won its first world cup when it defeated the Netherlands 1 - 0 on the final world cup game played July 11th at Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg.

In the history of the world cup (since 1930) only 7 teams had won the cup; Brazil, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, France, and England. It seemed that no other team was never going to be added to this list because the same teams where winning the cup over and over but now Spain has broken those chains.

Yes, the Spain national soccer team penetrated the barriers of history and has added its legacy as a new-comer as one of the worlds best.

The soccer in Spain has always had a world class taste but had never reached these heights not because of the lack of talent but because of intense and fearsome opposition. This clearly was demonstrated against the Netherlands who kept attacking like an indomitable dragon but Spain defended its territory, fought, attacked, and showed the enemy they too would die till the end.

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If you are a soccer fan, we would you to share all your emotions and your experiences of this world cup by leaving your comments below or you can join our Spanish social network. Stop by and hang out with a Spanish crowd and you will have lots of fun.

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