Medford fire - Images of fire

Medford fire - Images of fire

This Medord fire is in full swing as we speak. It is on mountain Roxyanne where there are hundreds of homes but luckily, the winds are pushing the fire away from them. As you can see on some of the pictures, there are a couple of airplanes and a helicopter as well as fire fighter trying to contain the fire.

We had a fire in that same location about 15 years ago. In fact, I lived in that area and it wasn't pretty because the entire area was full of smoke. No homes where burned on that fire that I can remember.

Meanwhile, Ashland is experiencing another fire. It is more dangerous there because half of the city is surrounded by pine trees. Let's hope they can contain it before it gets out of hand. As I write this, the news are on TV and they say the fire has burned 100 acres and it is about 35% contained.

Forest fires are very common in this area (the Rogue Valley - Southern Oregon). Surprisingly, we did not have major fires during the hot days of summer and now that it is colder, we get 2 large ones.

Not sure whether to tell you to enjoy the images of the fire. Just pray for those who are near it.

Hopefully we will post more fire images soon.

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