South America Population by Country

South America Population

This is a list of the countries of South America and their total population.

Brazil, 193,891,867
Colombia, 45,656,990
Argentina, 40,085,130
Peru, 29,368,000
Venezuela, 29,132,000
Chile, 17,295,000
Ecuador, 14,228,000
Bolivia, 9,182,000
Paraguay, 6,158,000
Uruguay, 3,463,000
Guyana, 751,000
Suriname, 499,000
French Guiana (Belongs to France), 187,000
Falklands Islands (Belongs to the UK), 3,060
South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (UK) - Approximately, 20

The total population in South America is 379,289,000.

South America Capitals

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