Roxy Ann Peak

Roxy Ann Peak
View of Medford From Roxy Ann

Roxy Ann Peak

Roxy Ann is located in Southern Oregon and it is on the east side of the beautiful city of Medford. The peak can bee seen as you enter the Rogue Valley from any direction.

There is a gravel road that leads all the way to the peak but vehicles are allowed only up to the second gate which is about one mile off Hillcrest road. After that, you can hike to the top which is a few miles away. As you walk, you can see several trails leading to the top that you can take if you want to get there faster. Since there are a lot of rattle snakes in that area, I prefer to stay on the main road; just to play it safe. Besides rattle snakes, there are cougars, bears, and deer roaming the area.

I have posted some pictures of one of my hikes starting from the second gate to the top. I hope you enjoy them.

View From Roxy Ann
Cars parqued at the second gate of the road leading to the top of Roxy Ann

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