Medford Restaurants

Medford Restaurants

Medford has a handful of great restaurants scattered all over the city. Among these restaurants are those that offer food such as American, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Hawaiian, Mongolian, Indian, Italian, Mexican and others.

Below you will find a list of some of the most popular restaurants right here in Medford.

Medford OR Restaurants
Restaurant NameAddress Phone Number
Applebee's Grill & Bar1388 Biddle Road
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 770-1188
Black Bear Diner1150 E. Barnett Rd.
Medford, OR 97502
(541) 773-4060
China Hut450 S Riverside Ave
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 779-4528
Elmer's Pancake & Steak House2000 Biddle Road
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 772-2000
Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant2332 Poplar Drive
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 857-1770
Habaneros Mexican Restaurant142 North Front Street
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 779-9770
Home Town Buffet1299 Center Dr.
Medford, OR 97504
Marie Callender's Restaurant & Bakery1528 Biddle Road
Medford, OR 97502
(541) 772-5200
Noho’s Hawaiian Restaurant330 E Mcandrews Rd
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 245-6919
Olive Garden3125 Crater Lake Hwy
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 857-1733
Oh's Osaka35 N Central
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 282-2334
Porters 147 North Front St
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 857-1910
Red Robin 499 Medford Ctr
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 772-7777
Rosarios’s Italian restaurant2221 West Main Street
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 773-2230

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